About Me

Hey! I'm Grayson. I'm a portrait photographer based out of Princeton, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at Princeton High School and I've been doing photography as a business for three years. My goal at every session is to capture who you and/or your family are at that point in time. I do this by shooting way too many pictures, giving subtle prompts instead of cheesy poses, and getting to know you during the session.

I would describe my style as true to life with a film-like twist. I shoot a lot of film for my personal work, so I try to shoot and edit in a style that mimics that to an extent. I aim for natural skin tones and colors that reflect accurately on the scene that we saw in real life. I also am a firm believer in the idea that photos should be printed and saved for generations, so I steer clear of any trendy editing styles for that reason.

If you like what you've seen on the website, please reach out to me so we can get a session scheduled! I look forward to talking with you.